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With more than 25 years of experience in providing customized solutions for political and election campaigns and ballot services, we are confident we can help drive the results you want:

  • Increase Donorship
  • Direct Mail Branding
  • Supporter Benefits
  • Accurate Ballot Printing and Mailing

Trending Political & Election Services

Increased Donorship

Increase donorship with customized campaign software and data analytics.

Direct Mail Marketing
Direct Mail Branding

With your brand and voters in mind, direct mail can be sent locally, regionally, or nationally within 1-2 days.

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Supporter Benefits

Give back to your supporters with branded apparel, swag, yard signs, banners, and so much more.

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Ballot Accuracy & Integrity

With technologies like Dominion-certified equipment and APT we guarantee 100% error-free ballot printing and match-mailing.

Increase Donorship

Revenue from donorship is the lifeblood of every political campaign. 1Vision has the software and data analytics that will help increase donorship for your campaigns. Our customized Campaigner software allows tracking donorship revenue and customized targeting to increase revenue.

Build Your Brand

Your brand is your biggest asset. That’s why we will develop highly targeted direct mail to individuals that match your affiliation and views. This direct mail can be sent locally, regionally, or nationally within 1-2 days and a fraction of the cost of other marketing campaigns.

Supporter Benefits

You want to reward those that have supported you through the years. 1Vision has a multitude of ways to help reward your supporters. We can provide customized apparel, swag, yard signs, banners, and many other items for your supporters. These items and many others will be available on a customized online store for your supporters!


Ballot integrity matters. 1Vision utilizes Dominion-certified equipment allowing error-free mailing of election ballots. Using technologies such as Automatic Piece Tracking (APT) and Auto-Mismatch and Sequence Recovery Technology, we certify ballots to be 100% error-free.


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