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Top Product Manufacturer Reduces Fulfillment Costs 40%

The Problem

The largest non-tire rubber product manufacturing company in the world was faced with rising marketing costs, increased marketing support demands, and a growing worldwide sales force. In addition to increased marketing pressures, their traditional method of handling marketing support materials was failing due to antiquated systems, inadequate personnel and escalating costs of warehouse space.

The Solution

We designed and constructed an online, instantly expandable, fulfillment software solution that provides easy access to over two thousand products, five different companies, twelve divisions, and facilitated client self-administered inventory management. Integrated into the client’s intranet, the branded web interface enabled users to access the inventory and print on demand systems. To augment the multi-faceted packaging, our team introduced a complex hand-kitting with electronic proofing to assure accuracy, reverse inventory stocking when kits are not used, and complete world-wide tracking to assure materials arrive when expected.

The Impact

  • Reduced fulfillment costs 40%
  • Increased inventory accuracy to 99.9%
  • Reduced delivery times from weeks to days

What Our Clients Say