Click4Collateral™ Enables Sales Force To Customize And Mail Membership Kits From Their Desktop

The Problem

The nation’s largest non-profit HMO became increasingly frustrated by their current vendor’s inability to rapidly respond to changing market demands and maintain compliance. The client needed an easier way to access accurate information to forecast budgets, print on demand and shrink the response time to deliver documents to consumers during post sale and renewal cycles. The key challenge was to create a transition plan that would be transparent to customers and the sales organization while continuing to deliver critical documents on time and at reduced costs.

The Solution

Our web-based Click-4-Collateral™ solution was configured to the client’s unique requirements that included the ability for each sales representative to build their own custom kits for delivery within 48 hours. Our user-friendly tool enables individualized kits to be created containing personalized documents and rate plans. Client’s sales force has password protected 24/7/365 access to over 500 items, print on demand and custom kitting and shipping capabilities. Administrative tools include real-time reporting and billing systems and the ability to self-administer all inventory from the desktop.

The Impact

  • 50% reduction in fulfillment staffing to handle communications
  • Reduced client administrative time from weeks to hours
  • Reporting that enables predictive budgeting
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to zero defect production and maintenance of legal compliance.

What Our Clients Say