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"Know-More™" about your prospects, your customers & your program performance

Today’s savvy consumers expect more from their favorite brands. With emerging technology the market is dictating that businesses who want to gain more market share must communicate with consumers on a more personal level.

The challenge for businesses is understanding how to use their data to improve targeting, timing and messaging relevance. We answer the challenge by helping clients make sense of their data. Our database development, management, mining and tracking solutions deliver rich insights and attributes for more strategic decisions and more profitable results. Whether it’s building a new database or unlocking the real potential of your current data assets, we give you the power to “know more™” so you can engage with your targets and customers on a more personal level.

With our custom models you’ll be able to score and rank prospects based on their potential customer value and their likelihood to respond and make additional purchases. We help you understand the demographic and lifestyle characteristics of your best prospects so that your creative voice is just right. This rich data intelligence moves prospects further along the sales cycle with targeted one-to-one communications that increase campaign response and conversion rates over a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

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The Problem

A national provider of retail services with over 500 locations in 37 markets was looking for strategies to acquire new customers. Offering a high-value service and a monthly value of $500.00 per customer, improving retention was also a key objective.

The Solution

Our data team started by profiling the current customers using database enhancements and clustering techniques. This was followed by analysis of new vertical lifestyle lists and segments that fit the customer profile. Multiple new prospect lists and customer segments were identified leading to the creation of direct mail packages, spot radio and national print advertising tailored for each audience.

The Impact

  • Increased direct mail response by 96%, the highest in company’s history, significantly growing customer enrollment
  • Built knowledge bank of most cost- effective lists, marketing techniques and successful direct mail packages
  • Uncovered product refinement and sales closure techniques

What Our Clients Say

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